Developments In Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Projects on their own are a huge and cautious job, but building them in environmentally sensitive areas like parks and close to jungles bring about a whole host of new problems. The biggest issue is transporting the necessary to equipment to the location. In urban areas, there are well maintained roads that allow trucks to easily transport equipment to and from the location but this is not the case with rural and remote areas. Trucks carrying equipment and raw materials will have to move long distances and sometimes through broken pot whole filled roads. In addition to this, special living quarters will have to be developed for the workers to stay and that increases the overall cost and time of the project. There will be additional cost of transport and food.

The other issues that follow are the potential damage to the surrounding environment. Governments lay down strict regulations to ensure the correct protocols are followed and it is up to the project manager to ensure that everything is done as required. For construction to begin permits need to be obtained from the relevant authorities and it is only then that the project can go ahead. Flora and fauna assessments should be undertaken. These assessments ensure that every animal and plant in the project region is documented and every foraging and sheltering location of any animal is noted down too. When this is done, it is easier to identify endangered species, and if any such cases occur, the project will have to be modified in such a way that it does not affect the endangered species.

These assessments also allow you to keep track of any potential pests and such. So if the need arises, action can be taken to control or remove such pests. Some councils have special measures to put in place to protect rare animals and plants. The relevant councils should be consulted before clearing or modifying the place, so that those measures can be followed. For permits to be obtained flora and fauna assessments should be submitted to the environmental authorities and if any rare plants and animals are present, the appropriate steps that you intend to take to protect them should also be noted down. Once the permit has been given, development can proceed.

In some areas the flora and fauna change season by season, so attention needs to paid because there will be a variety of species at different times of the year. In cases like this, the environmental survey will take longer to complete because of the eco system.