Feeding A Fussy Eater

Every parent faces the dilemma of having to feed a fussy child at some point of their lives. Many children will go through a certain period of not eating what they are given and will be fussy for a short time period during growth and this will eventually sort itself out however for some unfortunate parents, dealing with a fussy eater is a long term thing and it can be a very stressful experience. For a parent, feeding and nourishing their child is the biggest priority and responsibility they have and therefore, having a child who refuses to eat can cause severe depression and stress for a parent.

Let your child lead you

You will find that if you let your child lead you in telling you what they would like to eat, these fussy children will eat more. In other world, instead of serving up what you have prepared for your child, ask your child what they would like to eat that day and prepare a healthier version of that same dish for the whole family. There are many hundreds of healthy snack recipes on the internet that parents can use to make their children think they are eating one thing but feeding something else instead. One example would be if your children like candy, serve them some dried fruit instead. They will rarely notice the difference and dried fruit can be delicious and very nutritious.

Another way to make your fussy child eat is to buy raw snacks such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits for them to continuously. They do not really need to stick to a schedule for eating. Let them continuously snack on these things that they love so much. This could include peanut butter, almond butter and various other homemade healthy snacks.

You might be surprised to find that some of the world’s most favourite snacks can be made at home in the healthiest ways. You could make chocolate at home without the unhealthy ingredients and your child could be thriving on a diet that includes lots of homemade chocolate high energy foods http://flosuperfoods.com/shop/, homemade peanut butter, peanut butter cups and even healthy desserts.

Therefore the main way to feed a fussy child is to get out of the system and let your child lead you. You do not have to constantly feed your child boiled vegetables because the truth is no one would like to eat this way. However, if these boiled vegetables are blended in to a delicious pasta sauce with nutritional yeast, your child could be eating an alternative to creamy pasta and enjoying every bit of that meal while still consuming those same boiled vegetables.